How To Create And Send An Email

Now you can send  beautiful and customized emails using MYtxtBOX.

To get started, go to Email at the top of your page and select Send Email on the drop down list.

Select a domain

1. You are required to have a domain which will be used as the sender’s address when sending emails on MYtxtBOX. The domain name must be a valid website address and you should have access to make changes to the DNS settings.To begin, specify a sender’s address by entering a name and select the domain from which you want to send the email. If you do not have a domain, Click click here to add a Domain to add your domain in MYtxtBOX.

2. Click Start Campaign.

start campaign

Enter campaign information

3. Fill the campaign information form with your campaign name, sender name (this is the name the recipient will see as the sender), Reply-to-email address (this allows recipients to reply your mail and is optional), email subject and your recipients email addresses.

4. Click Next to continue.

campaign info

Select a template

5. Click Select to pick an email template. Templates are predefined email formats, which you can customize to suit your particular message. You can save your customized templates so you can use them later.


Edit Email Template

6. Edit your selected template by clicking on image, text or link and make changes using the Toolbar.

7. Click Preview & Save to continue.

Edit template

Send Email

8. Click Send Email to send if you are satisfied with your preview.

Send Email

9. Click Send Email to send your mail.