How To Edit Templates

Templates are predefined email formats that serve as a guide for creating your own email content. There are several templates, which you can customize to suit your particular email. To edit a template,

1. Go to Emails at the top of your page and select Templates.

2. Click on any of the templates to view or edit.

Changing and Editing Images

To change images in the template you have selected,

1. Click on the image you want to change.

2. Click the image icon on the toolbar.

Change Image

3. Click Browse Server to select and upload an image from your computer.

browse server

4. Click Add Media File.Add image

5. Enter a name for your image and click Select Media File to upload an image from your computer. Your image size must not be more than 5mb.

7. Click Save.

image details

8. Click on the image you just uploaded to select and edit it for your mail.

My image

9. Specify the width of the image as 600. The height readjusts to suit the width. For images within the body of your email, use the recommended width written on the image in the template.

10. Click OK to finish.

Image Prop

Editing Text

To edit the text in your email,

1. Click any area in the body of your mail.

2. Highlight any text and delete to type your own text.

3. You can also copy text from elsewhere and paste.

Editing Footer And Social Media Links

You can add links to text or the social media icons in the footer of your page.

1. Highlight the text or icon and click the link icon on the toolbar.


2. Type the web address you want to redirect recipients to in the URL textbox.


3. Click OK to complete.

Adding Link Buttons

To add a link button to your email content,

1. Click on the area in your email message where you want to put the link button.

2. Click Insert Link Button on the toolbar.

Email linkbutton


3. Select your preferred link button

email button

3. Click on the link button to change the text. The text you write is usually an action you want the email recipient to perform.

email change text

4. Click the link button on the toolbar to insert a link in the link button.

email link


6. Select URL in the drop down list.

5. Enter the URL or web address and click OK.

email save link


Click Save to save your template after editing. You can equally use the steps above to edit a template when sending an email.