How to Top Up Your Credit

You can top-up your SMS bundle by purchasing MYtxtBOX vouchers or using any of our online payment options. To top up your messaging credit,

1. Click Top Up at the top right corner of your page.

Top up2

2. If you have purchased a voucher, enter the voucher number in the space provided for Voucher No. under Top up with a voucher.

3. Alternatively, pay through any of our accepted online platforms: bank deposit, debit card, mobile money and MPower payments. Go to Online Payment Options and click your preferred payment option.


New Topup

4. Click Buy Now to select the bundle you want to purchase.

Instant Payment Options

Select any of the instant payment options to top up instantly.

Mobile Money: Click mobile money, select your wallet and enter the phone number used in creating your account. Click Create a code to generate a code which you will use as your payment reference and click Continue to finish. You will receive a text message containing payment details. Use these details when making payment.

Debit Card: Select Visa or Master Card. Click Make Payment on the checkout page. Enter your card details in the form provided. The card security code (CVC) is the last three digits at the back of your card. Click Make Payment to finish.

MPower: To pay through MPower wallet, click MPower. Click Make Payment on the checkout page. Enter your MPower username and password . Click Pay Now to finish.

Delayed Payment Options

Bank Deposit: Choose your location and your area. Select the nearest convenient bank on the drop down list and click Continue. You will receive a text message from MYtxtBOX containing the account name to use for payment and other payment details. Kindly use these details when making payment.