Send Messages with Personalized Content Uploaded From A file

You can send messages with personalized content imported from a file.

1. Go to SMS at the top of the page.

2. Click New Campaign on the drop down menu.

3. Click Send Personalized Message from file under Merge on the New SMS campaign page.

Merge Campaign

4. Click the Upload File button to import contacts and message content. The uploaded file should be an Excel or CSV file and must have a column for the phone number. The first row of the sheet must contain the column headers as shown below.

Merge Sheet

5. Choose the name of your phone number column from the drop down list in the Phone Number Field.

6. Enter the message you want to send in the SMS Message Body textbox. Click on a tag below the textbox to personalize your message. The tags are the same as the column headers specified in your file. When you include tags in your message, the real values as you have entered in the uploaded file is retrieved and included in each recipient’s message.

7. Click Merge.

Merge phone numbers

8. Enter the title of your Campaign under the Setup Campaign section.
9. Choose a sender ID or add a new Sender ID.
10. Click Send Message.

merge send

11. Ensure your message details are correct and click Send Message.