Send Personalized Messages to Contacts

You can send personalized messages to one or more recipients in your contacts database. This feature also allows you to merge contact details into a message.

1. Go to SMS at the top of the page

2. Click New Campaign on the drop down menu.

3. Click Send personalized message to contacts under Contacts.


4. Enter the Campaign title and choose a sender ID.

Setup Person

5. Write your message in the textbox provided. You can personalize your message by including tags like first name and surname.

6. Click Choose Recipients to select contacts you want your message to be sent to.

compose message

7. Select the contact group you wish to send the message to by checking the appropriate box. You can also send the message to a single contact by typing a single number in the single number textbox.

8. Click Confirm Message.

person txt

8. Ensure the accuracy of message details and click Send Message.